Your home is a retreat, a space for entertaining, a place for creating memories, and a reflection of you. Aurora's residential lighting solutions offer the flexibility and customisation you desire, and the energy savings your budget requires. From highlighting architectural design features, to creating an inviting atmosphere for a family gathering, we provide a spectrum of residential applications that truly say "welcome home!"

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Our commercial lighting products are tailored to each workspace, cultivating an atmosphere of productivity and enterprise for any workspace. Our solutions offer minimal glare, maximum brightness, and the ultimate energy-savings, ensuring employees are eager to get to work.

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Lighting has a profound effect on customer perception towards in-store goods. Maximise your return on investment by utilising the latest in our shop lighting products. Cutting-edge products like our wireless dimmable track options create desirable contrast which ensures your products will stand out like never before.

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A premium hospitality environment calls for premium lighting. Advanced scene management, convenient scheduling, and wireless control epitomises the essence of a 5-star hotel experience.

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