Smart, connected lighting has never been easier. Simply power up your lights and smart device, login, tap the lights you wish to connect, and off you go! It really is that simple.



Once all your lights are connected, group them in whichever way you please. Allocate lights to the bedroom, living room, conference room, etc.. Your options are endless!



Now, time to spruce things up! After grouping your lights, create a myriad of different scenes to your heart's content. Single colour dimming, CCT tuning, and RGB tuning are all supported! Create automated lighting schedules for a hassle free experience.


Radiant Smart Lighting
BLE Mesh

Bluetooth's latest mesh protocol allows for wireless lighting control without the need for routers or gateways. Sync up to 64 IP addresses, with a 20m range between each IP. Each IP address can control multiple luminaries.


The maintenance man is a relic of the past. Over-the-air capabilities mean that when the Radiant APP is updated over your smart device's APP store (Android + Apple), the firmware inside each wireless modules are automatically updated. This allows us to service you quickly and remotely.

4+ Applications

Aurora delivers tailored applications for key verticals, including residential, hospitality, retail and commercial. True vertical integration delivers unmatched reliability, brand credibility and seamless compatibility across all product lines.
Through our dedication to manufacturing, global distribution and project solutions, our in-house lighting experts help you successfully plan, design and execute your lighting projects.


Set-it-and-forget-it timer function. Simply program when you want a certain scene to play. Wake up in the perfect mood, or have the lights turn on when you are not at home. Radiant gives you the perfect scene you want, when you desire it.



Your home is a retreat, a space for entertaining, a place for creating memories, and a reflection of you. Aurora's residential lighting solutions offer the flexibility and customisation you desire, and the energy savings your budget requires. From highlighting architectural design features, to creating an inviting atmosphere for a family gathering, we provide a spectrum of residential applications that truly say "welcome home!"


Our commercial lighting products are tailored to each workspace, cultivating an atmosphere of productivity and enterprise for any workspace. Our solutions offer minimal glare, maximum brightness, and the ultimate energy-savings, ensuring employees are eager to get to work.


Lighting has a profound effect on customer perception towards in-store goods. Maximise your return on investment by utilising the latest in our shop lighting products. Cutting-edge products like our wireless dimmable track options create desirable contrast which ensures your products will stand out like never before.


A premium hospitality environment calls for premium lighting. Advanced scene management, convenient scheduling, and wireless control epitomises the essence of a 5-star hotel experience.

Smart devices have quickly infiltrated almost every facet of our everyday lives. It is a rare occurrence for us to be separated from these devices as we rely on them to function in an increasingly integrated world.


This is where Radiant fits in. 


Aurora's vision is to create a new bond between human, device, and light. Leveraging the ubiquitous and ever present smart device, Radiant offers a way to recapture the human essence of creation and interaction by focusing on human centric lighting. Realizing the importance of light on health, happiness, and productivity, customizable lighting control creates another vehicle to increase our overall quality of light. This is how Radiant operates:


The most sensible and diverse 
retrofit wireless control option


●  The RADIANT wireless lighting solution utilizes Bluetooth's latest mesh protocol

●  No gateway or router is necessary (BLE only)
●  Control modules come in multiple variants, including TRIAC, 1-10V, DALI, DMX etc., allowing for retrofit smart lighting solutions using your existing installed luminaires.

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Aurora has been revolutionizing the lighting industry for the past 30 years, focusing on select verticals including the Office, Hospitality, Residential, and Shop lighting sectors.  Aurora is an international company with roots as a East meets West partnership.  Currently we serve customers in over 70 countries and have 23 facilities worldwide. 


To transform the way people interact with their environments by providing inspirational energy saving lighting solutions while simultaneously delivering V A L U E   B E Y O N D   I L L U M I N A T I O N


Our R & D efforts ensure our customers experience the latest LED technology has to offer.  Our modular lighting concept delivers the highest level of smart-enabled customization.  Combined with Bluetooth's 4.0 MESH protocol, our luminaries and lighting solutions deliver a hassle free wireless lighting experience.



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